APEX, the platform bringing next generation of consumer-brand interactions has recently concluded its token airdrop campaign, which was followed by the token distribution to all the eligible participants. The campaign was a result of the company’s decision to not opt for the token sale campaign that was otherwise scheduled to go live from February 26, 2018. Apex is NEO-based, decentralized data exchange platform that provides companies and businesses verifiable and quality data, while benefiting the consumers for sharing their data.

The Background

One of the biggest challenges we face today is data collection. With regulations governing data collection and handling getting stricter and more complicated, the levels of transparency are steadily declining throughout the process. Companies that especially need and use data are not sure of the data quality that they are gaining access to. In addition, data sharing entities and individuals are also unaware of who is using the data and for what purpose.

How APEX Addresses This Challenge?

Apex gives users control over their data, allowing them to decide how the data companies are accessing, collecting and utilizing it for different purposes. In addition, every time the data is used, the users get Apex Coin (CPX) as a reward. A user is notified before the data is used by the company, along with other relevant links and marketing tools. Using those links, users get an opportunity to earn more rewards, while companies get a chance to indulge in target marketing.

The Apex Design

The platform is to be integrated with existing products’ network, from Chinapex. This includes Nexus that lets companies evaluate, manage and use collected data using given tools. Blended with the IQ products of Chinapex, the data can be used for machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) models.

The Apex Tokens

The Apex token (CPX), is to be used for the platform’s transactions, as well as paying for existing products from Chinapex, for instance, Nexus services and analytics. Purchases made using CPX will be 80% less than the fiat payments. The company will sell CPX via Apex’s reward wallet, integrated with daily amount limit and a priority system.  Users who buy CPX during Apex crowdsale will be given the highest priority. Besides IQ and Nexus, Apex also has PRISM, a real-time data collection system, already having big companies as customers, including BMW and Maserati.

About the Token Sale

Following the airdrop, the company has 25% of the total number of tokens reserved for platform’s growth and development, 15% for the team and company’s advisors and the last 10% is to be kept as company reserves. In the earlier private pre-sale, Apex raised $6 million, where investors got a 50% bonus, while the 50% of the total tokens purchased by each investor is locked for up to 4 months.

To know more about the platform please visit https://apex.chinapex.com/

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