The cryptocurrencies’ underlying Blockchain technology has made a lot of headway in the recent months. With various industry segments realizing the potential of the distributed ledger and decentralized applications built over it, they have started to explore ways to incorporate the technology into their operations. The derivatives trading market is no different.

Assetfun is a Blockchain based platform which is working on influencing widespread adoption of the technology on the derivatives market to make it global, overcoming the existing geographical divide between different marketplaces while ensuring transparency and security. The Assetfun platform is not only designed to improve the current system, but also to create an easy way to expand the ecosystem further to include new real-world asset derivatives on a digital platform.

The platform not only provides more options to the investors but also offers them enough data to execute profitable trades. With the first version of the Assetfun prediction market, the platform is already on its way to make the concept a reality. The Assetfun prediction market is designed to record all the predictions made by individuals on a Blockchain for a secure and more profitable trade. Assetfun has a vast network, with over a billion traders, stockholders, forex dealers, speculators and participants in the futures market, precious commodities dealers and more.

The Assetfun prediction market is driven by its own AFT tokens which are used to place trades and conduct transactions within the platform. The use of Blockchain ensures that every participant is acting independently yet collectively in the market and based on their interactions and judgments get a fair remuneration, all powered by automated smart contracts. The risk of derivatives futures trade is distributed as well on Assetfun platform enabling the users to invest safely. The platform opened access to its public beta platform for few days late last year, starting December 19 until December 25, 2017. Now, users can access the beta platform at

On Assetfun price prediction market, participants can deal with various blockchain assets, transactable and negotiable assets like stocks, gold, crude oil, housing prices and more. The blockchain platform also provides users with access to birds’ eye view of the market sentiment, based on the ratio of optimism and pessimism of participants in terms of the market price of underlying assets. By making use of the available information and tools, users can also create their price prediction markets as well.

In rare cases of dispute, the platform also has an efficient dispute resolution mechanism in place. The solution makes use of a unique automatic ruling mechanism which ensures all operations conducted over the platform continue smoothly, without any external influence. All capital settlements on the platform are also handled in real-time for added convenience and increased opportunities for the users.

Assetfun, by design, is a platform with lots of advantages over its counterparts in the blockchain industry. More information about the platform is available at


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