Nowadays, everyone is curious about cryptocurrencies and underlying blockchain technology since they both have gained worldwide acceptance. It has resulted in the creation of many opportunities for meaningful, creative projects some of them contributing to growing fintech space, which attracts many startups and investors. However, because of the complex nature of the current trading systems in terms of complications with identity verification, and security protocols, many potential users are still confused to invest. Cointal aims to overcome the biggest inconvenience found in existing trading platforms.

The Market Demand

We can see a growing demand for an enhanced cryptocurrency platform. Users want a highly secure, well-structured and easy-to-use platform that offers them all the abilities, information and approaches needed to enter the cryptocurrency market.  Cointal offers all the requirements to the community as a rising blockchain startup that is scaling the P2P crypto-marketplace.

About Cointal

The Coin Portal, called Cointal, is a London-based Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency marketplace that aims to revolutionize cryptocurrency market, making it easily accessible to users. Cointal is on its way to become the world’s first centralized multi-cryptocurrency P2P Marketplace, dealing with trading of fancied cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC). The platform lets users choose the most suitable deals and trade the most profitable cryptocurrencies and exchange them for cash afterwards.

The Core Features

Cointal connects sellers and buyers, providing them the benefits of various payment modes, security, speed, simplicity and low fees. Stable payment modes and trading are the platform’s priorities. Cointal offers a multi-secure wallet without any limit for deposit and withdrawal for cryptocurrencies. It is backed by 24/7 support, globally accessible service, complete transparency, an Escrow and strong Feedback system, Anti-hacking measures, a mobile app, and other features. Cointal has partnered with BitGo, a leader in cryptocurrency solutions to offer secured, digital wallets for storing their assets.

Mohammed Imad G, the founder and CEO of Cointal, says:

“We want to restore freedom in the cryptocurrency community. After experimenting with other makeshift solutions, we saw a clear opportunity to simply give users what they want: a versatile, stable, and secure platform for trading cryptocurrencies.”

 The Unity Program

The company is soon coming up with its unique Unity Service that will enable users to trade in different cryptocurrencies using Paypal, ACH/SEPA transfers, credit cards and other modes of payments. Users will be able to execute transactions instantaneously, without any limit on spending. Cointal has already processed more than USD15 million worth of transactions in last two months.

During these 2 months, Cointal has generated some interesting stats, involving Total Trades volume beyond USD15 Million, a total of more than 10.000 users, among them 2.389 users have claimed and enjoyed their Cointal Builder advantages (Including, but not limited to, free trades), involving users around more than 2596 cities in the world. Their presence is described as remarkable over the social networks, and no user has been left behind. The support team is available 24/7 over their Intercom Live Chat and has scored a median time response of 1.6 minutes, becoming the quickest and most helpful platform in the market as of late.

The Cointal team is currently preparing to launch an ICO sometime soon. More information about the platform is available at


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