Like many things in our modern world, the internet has made different detectors easier and more enjoyable. Online Gambling is once such sector that has improved greatly from going online; not only for the industry but for the players too.

However, there are a few issues that come with taking things digital when it comes to fair and equal gaming, especially considering the way in which computers can manipulate and work numbers.

Thus, the next step in online gambling would thus seem to be a step towards the Blockchain. However, even this idea has its dangers and vulnerabilities. There is room and scope for the fairness of random number generation to be secured thanks to its decentralized nature, but Blockchain issues such as a congested Blockchain and slow transactions speeds can render games unplayable.

Beating the Blockchain

The idea of Blockchain as a solution to many of life’s problems is great, but only in certain circumstance for the Blockchain’s own limitations can scupper this revolutionary technology’s own abilities.

Because game outcomes are essentially microtransactions, a busy Blockchain that attempts to handle thousands of transactions a second will struggle as these outcomes get lost in the blockchain, waiting to be written.

For a gambler, this makes no sense, they cannot sit for 10 minutes to know the outcome of a game. However, the safety and security, as well as fairness that comes from the Blockchain cannot be overlooked.

Perfecting the ecosystem

To this end, Sp8de is attempting to create an ecosystem on the Blockchain that addresses the issue of slow transactions that allows casino operators to utilize feature-rich gambling applications with a zero-house edge, as well as near to zero fees.

Built on Ouroboros, the POS protocol underlying Cardano, Sp8de believes it has found the answer to the scalability issue that would usually dog a gambling platform like this as it grew and became busy.

The Ouroboros Protocol can handle thousands of transactions a second, securing fair and just results of random number generation, paying out the micropayments like not many other Blockchains can; perfect for an online gambling ecosystem.

Hitting a random Jackpot

Sp8de has gone a step further in their ICO to distribute tokens by operating an airdrop like a jackpot lottery win for its contributors. Much like a lottery ticket, the contributors with more tokens have a higher chance of winning a bigger percentage of the airdrop, accumulating more tokens.

Making the Blockchain work

The Blockchain has a long way to go and is still being perfected all the time, being moulded to fit different sectors where it is suited to revolutionize. It is not as simple as slapping a blockchain behind anything, it requires some personalisation and work.

Sp8de is doing a lot of that to create an easy to use ecosystem that can solve one of online gamblings biggest problems, while also eliminating the potential weak points of the Blockchain.


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