Winding Tree, a set of open-source protocols for data exchange based on blockchain allows tourists and travelers to access a central repository of various services to plan their travel without a hitch. The platform will include inventory availability information from airlines, hotels, and tour and travel service providers to enable booking of airline tickets and hotel rooms.

The Decentralization Feature

Winding Tree, based on blockchain, is a decentralized travel distribution platform. It eliminates the middlemen in the process, making travel more economical for travelers and more profitable to service providers. The platform is working on reorganization of travel distribution, offering a decentralized B2B marketplace ecosystem and driving blockchain-based travel booking transactions.

This platform serves as the world’s first decentralized travel marketplace on blockchain, which brings innovation to travel industry worldwide and reduces costs significantly for the consumers. Winding Tree intends to replace monopolies and excessive fees, making travel faster, cheaper and more enjoyable for all.

The Token Generation Event (TGE) of Winding Tree is going on and will end by February 15, 2018. A Gibraltar based non-profit, Winding Tree Foundation, maintains and supports the platform, with the mission to develop and revolutionize the efficiency of travel technology and distribution through:

  • Funding of collaborating travel partners like open-source APIs and databases
  • Promotion of events, marketing, and community initiatives
  • Development of open-consensus modeled marketplace where users freely participate in the network while proposing changes at the same time

The Partnerships

In view of the mission stated above, Winding Tree has already entered the partnership with the mainstream travel players, including Lufthansa Group, Air New Zealand, Aruba’s ATECH Foundation and Nordic Choice Hotels.

Moreover, the company has also announced the partnership with two leading technology players in the blockchain industry; Zeppelin_OS and RSK. Through these partnerships, Winding Tree aims to enhance its platform’s security, privacy and scalability in the blockchain sphere, in order to bring platform- compatible improvements and solutions in future.

Maksim Izmaylov, the Founder and CEO of Winding Tree, says:

“We are thrilled to announce our newest partnerships with Zeppelin_OS and RSK, as they will further our goals of staying at for the forefront of technological innovation on the blockchain. Winding Tree has dedicated itself to decentralizing the travel industry, and these partnerships are strategic in ensuring that goal.”

Pedro Anderson, the Founder and COO of Winding Tree, says:

“There is a big problem in the online travel industry today, in which the distribution landscape in travel is dominated by a handful of companies, which manipulate the prices to their benefit, hindering competition and innovation. Winding Tree Foundation’s non-profit approach is presenting a democratic, transparent, decentralized solution to this issue.”

 To know more about the platform and participate in its ongoing Token Generation Event (TGE), please visit


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